Global Collecting of Chinese Historical Audio and Visual Archives

 Global Collecting of Chinese Historical Audio and Visual Archives


Do you often take out an old record and listen attentively?

Is there a historical footage in your drawer?

Do you keep any story of old Shanghai in your memory?

Shanghai Audio-Visual Archives has launched a project called “Global Collecting of Chinese Historical Audio and Visual Archives Project” dedicating to collect precious and historical archives of Shanghai and China from all over the world.

All individuals, independent filmmakers, production houses and institutions (such as China Film Archives, Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio, National Archives and Records Administration, ITN, NHK and so forth) are welcomed to join the project. Let us start together to preserve the city memory and audiovisual heritage of China. 

 What we collect?

  1) Moving images: filmed before 1980, focus on Shanghai or related such as newsreel, documentary, feature film, family footages and so forth. 

Media Type: film, video tape, disc, or digital file.

2) Sound recordings: recorded before 1980 such as gramophone record, voices of celebrities, newscast and so forth.

Media Type: wire recording tape, open reel audio tape, cassette tape or CD is not acceptable temporarily.

3) Any clue of precious historical archives of Shanghai, such as an activity, a producer and so forth.


How we collect:

1)  You are welcome to us by telephone, email and other ways and there will be professionals to visit you and appraise the value of your collection.

2)  We will set up a judging panel to appraise the value of your collection and the financial affairs will be agreed upon by both parties. 

3)  We will preserve the collected archives through professional digitization and restoration. 

4)  Archives collected will be in possession of SMG. Contributors have priority in utilization and have the right to discuss whether to make the archives open to public. The contributors will be awarded the certificate of honor by Shanghai Audio-Visual Archives. 


Collecting period: Long effective

Contact Us:

Tel: 8621-62780087


Address: Broadcasting Building, No.1376 Hongqiao Road, Shanghai, China

Zip Code: 200051