Shanghai Story (335): Shanghai local cuisines with heavily added oil and soy sauce (I)
Length: 00:25:00
Date: 2017-9-30
Keywords: The catering industry in Shanghai | Special foods in Shanghai | Shanghai local cuisine | " |Dishes with heavily added oil and soy sauce" | style | Chicken, mushroom, ham Threads in Consommé | Spicy sauce with eight ingredients | Braised pork intestines wi

Shanghai local cuisines originated from farmhouse cuisines in Chuansha. In Chen Wenyao's memory, burnt shredded pork were the taste of her mother’s cooking. Sun Aicui who often ate braised pork in brown sauce in the childhood now usually cooks it for her granddaughter. The deepest impression for Jiang Haofeng who followed his parents supporting the inland in Xining is the scene when his father ate sweet and sour pork chops in Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant.