Shanghai Story (110): The wide world for elderly educated youth (II)
Length: 00:24:54
Date: 2013
Keywords: Chinese history | Shanghai educated youth |Young people going to poor areas | Shanhe Village in Xunke County | Cooperatives | Agricultural economy | Planting economy

The No.110 issue of 1552 - The wide world for elderly educated youth (II) is about the story that in order to found the cooperative, old educated youth Xu Jieju and Jia Aichun needed to take back the reserved land for adjustment which had been contracted to the villagers. Regardless of some villagers’ unwillingness to give the land back, they succeeded in taking the reserved land back through continuous efforts. Later, they encountered a drought, which made the villagers and two old educated youth at a loss. Finally the rain saved the corn field and the cooperative had a good harvest. The arrival of the two old educated youth brought about great changes to the village. They also helped the villagers set up a pig-raising cooperative, leading the villagers to wealth.