The old Shanghai selling call
The old Shanghai selling call
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At the end of the nineteenth Century, Shikumen-style building appeared in Shanghai.Before long, the street vendors come in and go out at the lanes,flowing with selling patter high and low. This is a group of large number of settlers from the poor around shanghai, found in trouble for a living. Almost all industries are poured into the alley, sold food, grocery, also bought vintage vessels, repaired, frequent flowed,24 hours a day, without interruption. However,in those days the residents do not feel noisy, harassment, but not to walk, you need to buy things. There are many places at the south of the Yangtze River, called the peddler selling Lang, this is the origin of the word "selling-calls".The selling-calls in the lanes of Shanghai, come from lots of industries.There are many variations,some like folk songs,little tunes,some like doggerels.And some fluctuated,some had long drawl. There are cavity tune, rhythm, speak in measured tones.